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Wedding Gown Preservation Since 1930

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Selecting your beautiful wedding gown is probably one of the most exciting and emotional purchases you will ever make in your lifetime. With over 94 years experience, our staff has professionally preserved thousands of beautiful wedding gowns.

Our skilled technicians have experience with an array of fabrics including: silk, chiffon, satin, organza, brocade, polyester, and more. In addition, our technicians are highly skilled at removing some of the toughest stains from the most expensive fabrics. All of our work is done on-premise and we offer a 100% guarantee that your gown will remain its original color for generations to come. 

When you decide to preserve your dress, sell your dress, or even donate your dress. it is imperative that you clean your gown as soon as possible to prevent obvious stains as well as invisible stains (i.e., perspiration, body oil) from setting into the fabric.

We are very proud to have been selected as one of New Jersey's top Wedding Gown Specialists by (201) Bride Magazine, featured in their 2014 Fall Edition.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the preservation process?

The preservation process will protect your gown from turning color and safeguards against household pests, air pollutants, mildew and mold. There are no chemicals involved. Once your gown is cleaned and pressed, it is placed in an acid-free chest and carefully packaged with acid-free tissue paper. This is the same technique used to preserve textiles and artifacts found in museums. 

Can I include other items with my wedding gown?

We highly recommend that you include your headpiece, veil, and/or pouch in your heirloom chest in order to keep all items together. We do not recommend including shoes and/or large slips. The objective is to preserve your wedding dress and allow your gown to breathe. 

Do you tend to minor repairs?

Yes, our wedding gown department is staffed with an experienced seamstress who will examine your gown before and after the cleaning process. She will reinforce beading and embellishments, replace missing buttons, repair hooks and eyes, repair bustle loops, and so much more.

Where do I store my heirloom package once I take it home?

This is one of the most critical aspects of the preservation process. It is vital that you store your chest in a climate controlled environment where temperature and humidity levels are relatively constant throughout the year. Under a bed or standing in the back of a closet are recommended. Do not store the chest in a basement or attic where temperature and humidity levels fluctuate throughout the year.

Do you preserve other items besides Wedding Gowns?

Yes, we preserve almost any textile you wish to preserve. We preserve hundreds of Christening Outfits, Communion Outfits, Evening dresses, Mother-of-the-Bride dresses, etc. We have a variety of chest sizes and follow the same procedure as our Wedding Gown preservation process. 

What is the cost to have my Wedding Gown preserved?

It is very difficult to quote a price due to the vast array of styles, fabric content, type of embellishments, and beading that makes each wedding gown unique. However, if you contact our wedding gown department via telephone or email, we will gladly provide you with a guideline. Email to with a photo and fabric content and our department will quote you an estimate.  

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