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Fur Storage

On-Premise Refrigerated Bank Safe Vault

Since 1950 our state-of-the-art refrigerated vault guarantees the safety of your precious furs, suede's, and leather garments. Most storage vaults are air-conditioned, not refrigerated. Refrigeration allows for much colder temperatures (up to a minimum of 20 degrees) and provides greater control of humidity levels.

What Is Cleaning/Glazing and How Often Should I Clean My Fur Garment?

It is highly recommended that you clean and glaze your fur garments every other year. Fur cleaning is the process where oils are added back into the skin to keep the skin from drying and becoming brittle. Like your own skin, if you do not maintain with creams and oils your skin will become dry and cracked. Once the skins on your fur become too dry, it is already too late to rectify. The glazing process is the final process which adds oils to the outer fur to give the fur a natural shine. 

We provide a nice selection of monogram styles that provide you a full name or just your initials. You just have to select your style and thread color and we'll do the rest. We'll even replace hooks (European or Standard), stitch an open seam, replace or reinforce a button, repair or sew up a hem, and much more.

Monograms & Repairs
The History of Our Bank Safe Fur Vault

Back in 1940, Joseph DeLora, Sr., founder of DeLuxe Cleaners, Inc., was very concerned about the atomic bomb. Most of us don't recall this time in history; however, this was a major concern in 1940. Joseph decided to build a bomb shelter that would be strong enough to withstand an atomic bomb and large enough to hold at least 50 individuals. So he hired an architect and drew up the plans.


The vault was built with brick walls and concrete. Luckily, it was never needed as a shelter. In the late 1940's, Joseph DeLora decided to transform this perfect structure into a refrigerated storage vault. The vault was designed to control temperature and humidity levels. Refrigeration was then installed to maintain a temperature as low as 40 degrees. Today, DeLuxe Cleaners provides a complete service to maintain furs, faux furs, leathers, suedes, and shearlings.

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