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Shirt Laundry Services

Our shirt service promises you the perfect shirt. Our platinum shirt service guarantees you the cleanest, whitest and brightest shirt you will ever wear. Our finishing experts guarantee a professional finish with a smooth body and crisp collars and cuffs. We also honor a button pledge which guarantees no missing or cracked buttons.  

The Shirt Process

Our Platinum Shirt Detergent: The exclusive Platinum shirt detergent guarantees that your shirts will last anywhere from 30-40% longer. This detergent was formulated to keep your cottons and cotton blend shirts looking like new wash after wash. 

Care Labels: We examine all care labels to ensure that your shirts are cleaned following the ideal care instructions. Most shirts that are sold in department stores that are folded can generally be commercially cleaned and finished. 

Our Cleaning Process: Each shirt is categorized by color, washing temperatures, and starch request. The shirts are then placed in our state-of-the-art computerized washers which are designed to meet the needs of the specific shirt being washed. 

Starch or No Starch Request: Our shirt service allows you to choose your preferred level of starch. Once you request your preference, our computerized system retains your starch request every time!

The Finishing Process: Our state of the art finishing equipment is designed to produce a crisp and professionally finished shirt. To ensure a properly finished shirt, we press your shirts while they are still damp. 

The Inspection Process: Each shirt is then inspected for cracked or missing buttons, remaining stains or touch-ups necessary to complete the final process. The shirt is then ready for assembly and packaging. 

Shirt Packaging Options: Our shirt laundry service offers two options. You can have your shirts returned on a hanger or folded. The choice is yours!

Button Pledge
The Button Pledge

Our pledge is a promise that we will replace any or all missing or cracked buttons on your shirt. If a button falls off we will make sure to match the previously used thread color. We will tend to every detail so that your shirt is ready-to-wear each and every time. If we ever miss a button, we will clean five of your laundered shirts for free!

Our Premier Shirt Service

In addition to our commercial laundry shirt service, we also provide a hand-cleaning and hand-finishing shirt service for those shirts which require a cool and low iron setting. This process is used for shirts that are not designed to withstand commercial cleaning. Our Premier Shirt Service, though more expensive, treats each shirt individually using special detergents formulated to allow your shirt to last longer and hold up better. The finishing process uses finishing equipment that allows for cooler temperatures.

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