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Customer Recommended
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Dyeing - Individual dyeing of dresses, slacks, tops, & more.

Blind Cleaning - Blinds, verticals, and more.

Fabric & Drapery Accessories - Great upholstery fabric and accessories. They'll make anything you need plus add zippers to decorative pillows for ease to clean, etc.

Hat & Hat Blocking - If you need to clean a favorite hat, it must be cleaned properly to keep its shape! You can ship it directly to their location in Cleveland, Ohio.

Fabric Shoe/Boots Repairs and Cleaning, or Luggage/Bag Repair Service - If you have suede shoes/boots that need cleaning and repair, this place is wonderful.

Weaver - Great weaver for your favorite slacks/ pants/ jackets, and more. They do fabulous work in a timely fashion. If you can't get to them, ship your item, it's worth it. 

Fabric Restoration Experts - This company does restoration for fire and water damaged items including clothes, rugs, furniture and more. Very professional and will help you with everything during this stressful time. 

Selling a Wedding Gown - If you are looking to sell your wedding dress, here's a great site to visit. 

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