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Dry Cleaning

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Our dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and hand cleaning services will satisfy all of your dry cleaning needs. As one of the select Santione Certified Master Drycleaners you can expect the garment care your wardrobe deserves. There are only a select group of Sanitone Drycleaners in the Northern New Jersey area who are committed to rigid standards of excellence. Our cleaning methods will keep your wardrobe looking exceptional for years to come. Our Sanitone soaps and detergents gently clean, revive colors, and guarantee a soft, comfortable feel. The difference is yours to see and feel!

Family Owned Since 1930
What Makes Us Unique?

Detailing: All clothing is examined before the cleaning process. Items are evaluated to determine the best method of cleaning: items are pre-measured when necessary, pre-treated for stain removal, buttons protected or removed when necessary, minor repairs tended to, and more.

Cleaning: Once we determine the best method of cleaning, each garment is classified to meet the standard requirements for our customized computer programming system whether the garment is dry cleaned or wet cleaned. 

Hand Finishing: Our finishing staff are each skilled in a specific area in order to maintain consistency and perfection.

Inspection: Each item is thoroughly inspected by our quality control inspector who will look over each garment to see that every aspect of the item is ready-to-wear. If buttons or ornaments are removed before the cleaning process, our inspector will send the garment to our seamstress to have items replaced. If a button is missing, a button is loose, or an open seam is detected, our inspector will see that the garment is perfectly tended to before assembling the order for packaging. 

Packaging: Packaging is a critical part of our promise in order to provide your wardrobe with the care it deserves. We provide a strong plastic shoulder guard for all suits and blazers in order to maintain the shape of the garment; we also use quality clip hangers for all slacks, shorts, capris, skirts, etc. to prevent damage to your fabric. In addition, we stuff all sleeves on ladies blouses, blazers, and collars. Men's collars and delicate items are also stuffed to help maintain their shape. We also use bosom forms for evening wear and provide a delicate breathable zipper garment bag for packaging. 

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