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After Hours

FREE Pick-Up & Delivery available for Clifton Residents

If you are a Clifton Resident we provide a free pick up and delivery service every Monday, Wednesday, or Friday evenings between 5:00 and 7:30PM. This service can be used once in a while or as often as you wish. Many of our After Hours customers are on a regular pick-up and delivery service. We'll pick up every Monday and deliver back every Wednesday or pick-up on a Wednesday and deliver back every Friday. The choice is yours!

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Call anytime before 5:00PM to request a pick-up or delivery.

If you request a delivery, just provide us with a credit card to keep on file and we'll bill you the night we deliver your clothing. We'll attach a receipt to your order. 

This service still permits you to benefit from all our in-store promotions.

No Tips accepted!

CALL TODAY AT (973) 546-1105

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