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Family Owned Since 1930

Joseph DeLora, Sr. took a risk in 1930, during the heart of the depression, to open up a high-quality dry cleaner. Today, 94 years later, our reputation as a quality dry cleaner still holds true. Our objective has always been to maintain your wardrobe by tending to every detail in order to make you look and feel your very best. DeLuxe Cleaners has a staff of 25 individuals who all work towards this objective. 





Our efforts to achieve environmentally sustainability in our cleaning processes, operational practices and our investment in eco-technology have helped us earn certification as a Certified Environmental Dry Cleaner and Greener Cleaners by the Green Cleaner Council. 

There is little or no regulation of what "organic" means in the dry cleaning industry. No matter the solvent used in cleaning, it all comes down to how it is being used. Today's technological advances mean properly cleaned garments should have no detectable levels of solvent, regardless of the solvent used.


Wet Cleaning Capabilities

Paperless Billing and Newsletters

Re-usable Garment Bags

Recycling Program

Re-circulating Water Tower

Gas Powered Boiler

Member of EPA Energy Star Network &

NJEPA Wastewise Program

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